Map. History of Avia conflict

18 October 2017
Two injured in shooting at South Africa's Cape Town airport
2 Chicago police officers who violently dragged a passenger off an overbooked United flight have been fired
Two storks hit an F-35 fighter jet during a training flight on Tuesday, requiring the plane to undergo maintenance work, Israeli army said. Plane landed normally and that it did not sustain damage. However, it was sent “for maintenance work as is common after impacts like this,” the IDF said in an email.
As @PrimeministerGR is in D.C., @StateDept announces a FMS to Greece for F-16 fighter jets for $2.404 billion.
Bright pink fire retardant, such a welcome sight over the #BearFire in #BoulderCreek in the Santa Cruz Mountains
Yemeni media: two pilots killed as UAE aircraft crashes in Yemen
The Netherlands got its own Buk missile from Georgia, for MH17 investigation needs.
Bahrain: Government announces completion of deal with Lockheed Martin for 16 F-16V fighter jets
The F22 Raptors in Poland
Japan Self-defense forces helicopter UH-60 with 4 people onboard crashed Hamamatsu. Rescue op ongoing
Japanese self-defense forces helicopter disappeared near Hamamatsu city
The base of Torrejón informs that the pilot of the F18 has died. He was the only on the plane
Spanish F-18 crashed at Torrejon airbase in Madrid
PKK attacked with German-made MILAN anti-tank guided missile on Turkish Kirpi MRAP. No casualties
Russian Air Force Open Skies Tu154 Heading over Poland at 34,000ft
Aircrafts attacks on towns in besieged opposition-held Homs province
Aircrafts attacks on towns in besieged opposition-held Homs province
In first interview re MH17, Dutch Chief Prosecutor blows away all "alternative" theories, says he's going after military chain of command
Egyptian air defense forces live firing maneuvers "Sky Defenders 2": Tor-M2
It's fakePhoto presented by Al-Masdar is from Quweires airbase
Russia uses Deir Ezzor airbase to continue fight against ISIS
Russian strategic rocket troops training with ICBM Yars launchers
Emergency situation with Utair aircraft from Moscow to Surgut, smoke reported on the board. Airplane dumping fuel before landing in Vnukovo
Poland has found blast recording on Polish presidential flight that crashed in Russia on 2010
3 Turkish UAVs and a Boeing 737 AEW&C Peace Eagle aircraft are observing in and around the Syria 's Idlib.
At least 14 civ's have been killed by US drone strikes yesterday in Kunar, Afghanistan
Taliban Claims To Have Shot Down US Drone In Bagh Shirkat Area Of Kunduz Capital.
The Egyptian air force indirectly declare possession of MiG-29M2 fighter jets and K-52 attack helicopters .
Four Moldovans killed in Ivory Coast plane crash - security minister
US preparing to send B-1B bomber, F-22 stealth jets to Seoul after North Korea threatens missile launch toward Guam
Four dead in Ivory Coast plane crash were from Moldova -Ivorian security minister
At least 4 people were killed and six injured after a cargo plane crashed after take-off in Abidjan, Ivory Coast