24 June 2024
8 month ago
Al-Qassam Brigades launched a missile barrage towards Ben Gurion Airport
8 month ago
Colombian military Mi-17 helicopter crashed onto a house in Anori, Antioquia. Reports of injured civilians and military personnel but no reports of fatalities.
PaloAlto: Looks Like PAFD responded to an aircraft emergency at the Palo Alto Regional Airport.
Israeli army spokesman: The Chief of Staff announces the destruction of Aleppo Airport in response to the missile launched from Syria
Destroyed Israeli helicopter near Baari settlement, was hit by Hamas at the beginning of the war8 month ago
Destroyed Israeli helicopter near Baari settlement, was hit by Hamas at the beginning of the war
The Ministry of Transport of the Assad Authority announces the transfer of incoming and outgoing flights through Aleppo and Damascus airports to Latakia Airport
Reports of a patriot missile launch over northern Israel
The arrival of a Turkish "Atlas" military transport plane to Al-Arish International Airport, carrying food and medical aid to the Gaza Strip, which will be sent through the Rafah land crossing in coordination with the Egyptian authorities.
The Syrian Ministry of Defense: At approximately 13:50 this afternoon, the Israeli enemy simultaneously carried out an air aggression with bursts of missiles, targeting the international airports of Aleppo and Damascus, which led to damage to the airports' landing strips and them being out of service
The Jordanian Armed Forces send the first relief aid planes to Al-Arish International Airport in preparation for their delivery to the Gaza Strip via the Rafah land crossing, in full coordination with the Egyptian authorities.
Syrian media: Israeli bombing targets Damascus and Aleppo airports and preliminary information about the bombing of the airstrips and the two airports being out of service
Israeli warplanes strike Damascus airport
Assad Authority media: Air defenses confront an Israeli aggression targeting the vicinity of Damascus International Airport
The distress signals issued by Russian passenger planes were due to a malfunction in the electronic tracking system
8 month ago
Al-Qassam Brigades bombard the city of Haifa with an R160 missile
8 month ago
Israel Airports Authority: Ben Gurion Airport was not subjected to a security threat
8 month ago
Al-Qassam Brigades bombard Ben Gurion Airport with a missile barrage
Russian airline S7 is cutting its winter flight schedules because of problems with servicing the Pratt & Whitney engines on some of its Airbus fleet, per @kommersant
The aircraft carrier USS Eisenhower was already scheduled to deploy to the eastern Med. Leaving Friday, arriving end of Oct. No current changes to the current rotation, DOD officials tell. nnHowever, since the Ford is there already, there could soon be 2 carriers in the region
8 month ago
Turkish Pegasus Airlines suspends its flights to Israel until further notice
2 drones halted work of Astrakhan airport, drones later left towards Kazakhstan
8 month ago
Hamas claims to have launched rockets at Ben Gurion Airport
8 month ago
Helicopter crashes shortly after takeoff in New Hampshire, killing the pilot
8 month ago
Nuclear-powered USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier to enter Busan on Thursday
8 month ago
Germany's Hamburg airport suspends flights after threat of attack on plane from Tehran - DPA, citing spokesperson
An Israeli airports spokesman confirms that no missiles fell inside Ben Gurion Airport near Tel Aviv
8 month ago
Rocket impact in an open area near Ben Gurion Airport. No injuries
8 month ago
Eyewitnesses: A missile landed at Ben Gurion International Airport
SpaceX's overnight launch of its Falcon 9 rocket launch from Vandenberg Space Force Base was a success.
8 month ago
Hamas says they’re targeting Ben Gurion airport with rockets. Sirens sounding outside of Tel Aviv