25 July 2024
A Turkish C-160 military cargo plane makes an emergency landing immediately after the take off due to malfunctioning in Turkey’s Kayseri6 month ago
A Turkish C-160 military cargo plane makes an emergency landing immediately after the take off due to malfunctioning in Turkey’s Kayseri
6 month ago
A small plane with one person onboard crashed in the Everglades near Alligator Alley in Broward County
6 month ago
Broward County rescue crews found two people dead this morning in the wreckage of a plane that crashed near Alligator Alley. It went missing last night, officials say
6 month ago
2 dead after plane crashes in West Broward
Russian Il-76 with 63 people on board crashed in Belgorod region, no survivors6 month ago
Russian Il-76 with 63 people on board crashed in Belgorod region, no survivors
6 month ago
Northwestern Air commuter plane crashes near Fort Smith, Canada, killing 10 people and injuring 1 - CKLB
6 month ago
Tu-95MS bombers launched several Kh-101 missiles from the area of Saratov region
US official tells Fox one of the Houthi targets struck by US and British munitions included Al Dailami Air Base along with missile launching sites and weapons storage facilities for ballistic missiles and drones. This is 2nd joint US-UK strikes from air and sea since Jan 11
Fly Baghdad Arabic Company: We prevent the transfer of any weapons or equipment on our flights to any country
6 month ago
3 killed in medical helicopter crash, NTSB investigating
6 month ago
India's Ministry of Civil Aviation on Afghanistan air crash: The plane that crashed in Afghanistan last night is *not* an Indian carrier, as is being wrongly attributed by some sources
A Yemeni source: Two American raids targeted a Houthi camp adjacent to Hodeidah Airport in western Yemen.
Reports of an interceptor missile launch in the area of the Haifa Bay
6 month ago
Atlas Air aircraft catches fire with sparks shooting out during mid flight earlier on Thursday night, At this time, no injuries have been reported
US issues guidance "to raise awareness of the threats posed" by China-manufactured drones". Chinese-manufactured UAS risks exposing sensitive information that jeopardizes US national security, economic security & public health & safety" per @CISAJen
Somalia Civil Aviation Authorit forced Ethiopian airlines to exit Somalian airspace
Mi-8 helicopter crash-landed at M3 highway in Bryansk region of Russia
A Qatari military plane carrying tons of medicine arrives at Al-Arish Airport
Mi-8 helicopter crashed in Kyrgyzstan, at least 4 wounded and 1 killed
6 month ago
No casualties in a collision between two Cathay Pacific and South Korean Air planes in Tokyo
6 ballistic missiles coming from the Mediterranean fell on Aleppo International Airport, and initial reports talk about an Israeli bombing that caused the airport to be out of service.
Xinhua: A violent explosion at Hodeidah International Airport, which is under the control of the Houthis, in western Yemen
6 month ago
Authorities identify 3 people killed in plane crash in western Massachusetts
The Il-22M sustained damage but its crew managed to return it to base, according to pro-war Telegram channel Fighterbomber, which posted this picture
Authorities are responding to reports of a possible plane crash in Half Moon Bay
Crews actively searching after plane crashes in Half Moon Bay
Reportedly 2 Russian military aircraft was, at least, damaged over Azov Sea. Call between Anapa airport and Il-22M requesting emergency landing and assistance intercepted
Aircraft Down (Parker County) Parker County ESD 1, PCHD EMS, and multiple law-enforcement agencies are working a reported aircraft down near the 2300 block of Lone Star Road
SpaceX successfully launched a Falcon 9 rocket Sunday morning from Vandenberg Space Force Base
6 month ago
Military fighters have already returned to their bases. In the morning, Poland picked up planes due to Russia's massive missile attack on Ukraine. Now the Operational Command informs that the threat level has decreased