Map. History of Avia conflict

22 April 2018
5 hour ago
[email protected]: Happy EarthDay
Airborne from King Salman AB, Riyadh  Royal fleet flying hospital - Saudi Armed Forces Medical Services GLF4 HZ-MS4B22 hour ago
Airborne from King Salman AB, Riyadh Royal fleet flying hospital - Saudi Armed Forces Medical Services GLF4 HZ-MS4B
Saudi Press Agency: The competent authorities have launched an investigation into the circumstances of the incident with drone
Official Saudi news agency says security forces shot down unidentified drone in Khozama neighbourhood in Riyadh
No coup attempt in Riyadh. A toy drone/plane got too close too the King's palace and was shot down.
Libya- photos from LNA video showing MiG-23 (8008), MiG-21 (404), and Mi-35 (735) out of Brak al-Shati Airbase conducting sorties (including strikes) in southern Libya
Kremlin: U.S. is making it hard for Aeroflot crews to get visas
UK Transport Secretary says flights will not be disrupted after Brexit
2 day ago
Saudi air defense forces intercept a missile fired by the Houthi militias towards Jazan
Kathmandu airport is closed after a Malaysian jet with 139 people on board aborted takeoff and skidded off the runway
Jim Bridenstine is next NASA administrator.
OFFICIAL: SpaceX will build BFR at the Port of LA – the rocket will one day be used to colonize Mars.
[email protected]: "US Air Force F-22 Raptors played an integral role in protecting ground forces during and after the multinational strikes against Syrian chemical weapons production facilities on the morning of April 14"
Crash at Belfast international airport - reports two dead
Light aircraft reported to have crashed at Ballyhill Road, Nutt's Corner - @NIFRSOFFICIAL has confirmed they're dealing with an aircraft on fire at the scene
The Met Office says the highest temperature of the year so far of 26C (78.8F) has been recorded at Heathrow Airport
F-35 overflight at 70-years of Israeli Independence celebration
PLAAF H-6K encircled Taiwan on Wed and Thu.3 day ago
PLAAF H-6K encircled Taiwan on Wed and Thu.
Fighter jets flying over Jerusalem #Happeningnow as part of Israel Independence Day celebrations
Russia launched the second military communication Blagovest, it is also a product of 14F149. It was supposed that it would be launched in the end of 2017, but the tests failed and one of the devices was dismantled.
3 day ago
[email protected]: Successful deployment of @NASA_TESS to a highly elliptical orbit confirmed.
3 day ago
[email protected]: Second stage engine cutoff confirmed.
3 day ago
[email protected]: Back live for final burn →
3 day ago
[email protected]: Webcast returns in ~30 minutes for second stage engine restart.
3 day ago
[email protected]: Second stage engine cutoff confirmed. Second stage and satellite in coast phase.
3 day ago
[email protected]: Falcon 9 first stage has landed on the Of Course I Still Love You droneship.
3 day ago
[email protected]: First stage entry burn complete. Second stage continuing nominally.
3 day ago
[email protected]: Fairing has deployed.
3 day ago
[email protected]: Main engine cutoff and stage separation confirmed. Second stage engine burn underway.
3 day ago
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