24 June 2024
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at UNGA: "Iran's drones have brought and bring death and destruction to people in Ukraine."
The engine failed on the AN-26 aircraft of the IrAero company in Irkutsk, it had to make an emergency landing at the airport
Turkish Airlines flight TK3964 overruns the runway after landing at Perm-Bolshoye Savino International Airport in Russia. No injuries reported
F-16 training for Ukrainian pilots in the US will happen, even if the US government shuts down, per @PentagonPresSec But "depending on whether or not there were certain personnel that were not able to report for duty, that could have an impact" he adds
Small plane crashes in Compton, hits car parked near airport
A light Bekas aircraft crashed in the Penza region near the village of Knyaz Umet
Iran has canceled all flights to Armenia and Azerbaijan
Su-34 jet crashed in Voronezh region, pilots ejected and safe
Military officials say a search is underway for a missing F-35 combat jet following a mishap in South Carolina
9 month ago
Two pilots were killed in a collision at National Championship Air Races and Air Show
9 month ago
Crews are on scene of a plane crash at the American Heritage Museum on Barton Road.
Rocket carrying Soyuz MS-24 launched from Baikonur Cosmodrome
9 month ago
Ultralight aircraft crashes near Liberty Landing Airport in Clay County; pilot suffers 'severe burns'
9 month ago
Shahed drones were launched from occupied Crimea towards Odesa region
9 month ago
Romania says possible drone fragments found on its territory
9 month ago
Su-24 bomber crashed in Volgograd region of Russia during training flight, rescuers are searching for 2 pilots
Ural Airlines Airbus A320 made an emergency landing in the field near Novosibirsk, no casualties
9 month ago
Russian air defense shot down a drone over Kursk region
An AN-12 plane rolled off the runway at Magadan airport
1 person killed as result of Robinson helicopter crash in Vologda region9 month ago
1 person killed as result of Robinson helicopter crash in Vologda region
9 month ago
Local authorities say a drone was shot down in Briansk region. And reports of fire at the biggest Russian manufacturer of military electronics Kremniy enterprise
US official sources: Reducing the drones' sorties from the American base in Niger since the coup
Russian AeroSpace Forces using tires to protect fighter jets
9 month ago
Russian FSB exposed a group involved in smuggling parts for military planes and helicopters to Ukraine
US military test launch of Minuteman III ICBM was “successful,” per @usairforce ICBM's reentry vehicle traveled ~4,200 miles to the Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshall Islands. LG-35A Sentinel will replace the Minuteman III starting 2029 with full capability in mid-2030s
United States Announces Test Of Minuteman III Intercontinental Ballistic Missile
A small plane ended up crashing at a residential area in Compton
9 month ago
Drone, attempting to attack power plant in Klintsy was intercepted by electronic warfare means, - local authorities
9 month ago
Baza: Ka-52 helicopter crashed into Azov Sea on 1st September, crew rescued
Russian media report Su-34 launched Kinzhal missile against Ukraine for the first time